Advancing in 2017

Advancing in 2017

The grace to travel and preach is still abounding.  The fire for nations continues to burn.  We hope that your heart is burning too for the purposes for which God has placed you here.  It is a great thing to know Jesus, and an even greater thing to know how much He loves you and wants to use your life.

We are so thankful to have finally finished the writing of the book BELIEVABLE.  Is is a book of stories and testimonies of the supernatural leading and working of God in our lives for the past 37 years.  It is off to publication and hopefully will be in our hands for your reading enjoyment by the time we get to Alaska in the 2nd half of May.  Thanks to all who prayed for God’s grace to finish.

For those who will be in the vicinity of our North American visits, please come by to hear God’s Word if you are in the neighborhood. This is our schedule for the weeks ahead:

April 22-23   Pasco, Washington at Open Heavens Christian Center with Pastor Rene & Valerie Hernandez.

May 5-7    Battleground, Washington at Church on the Rock with Pastor Bill & Janet Courtnay

May 21   Anchorage, Alaska at Maranatha Fellowship with Pastor Luke & Janie Kerr

May 28   Palmer, Alaska at Church on the Rock with Pastor Chris & Laurie Miller for 2 AM services, and Talkeetna, Alaska COTR with Pastor Mike & Molly Sloan for the 6:00 PM service

June 4   Wasilla, Alaska at Church on the Rock with Pastor Jonathan & Kitri Walker for 3 Sunday services

June 24-25   Hiawassee, Georgia at Eastgate Church with Pastor Greg and Lisa Roberts

June 30-July 2   Saint Catherine’s, Ontario at Eagle’s Nest with Pastor Ric and Deborah Borozny.

Ask of Me, and I will give the nations….

Please help us as you can to bring the power of the Gospel to nations that are being transformed by God’s Love.  July 17-24 we will be in Quito, Ecuador where we have worked since 1990.  We have a goal to invest in a much needed worship facility.   We will also teach leaders and bring encouragement to a country that is very divided and volatile politically.  (sound familiar?)

July 28-August 4 we will be first in Puebla, Mexico to conduct special meetings at one of Mexico’s most outstanding churches, followed by three days in Mexico City where close to a thousand church leaders will gather to receive God’s Word and be strengthened for the task of reviving their nation.

Thank you for your support, love and prayer.  God is good and we aim to give him the best of our strength for as long as He allows us to run the race.  Hopefully that will be long enough to compel a sequel to our book. The best is yet to come!

Blessings to you all, and we will see many soon,