Every year we visit multiple churches to encourage pastors and leaders and church families in their local call and assignment. Our focus in North America is to bring a specific message from God’s heart to each unique church family. Helping churches to grow spiritually and bringing a message of revival is one of our great joys in the ministry.

In 2015 we began working with Rev. Dale Yerton in Chiapas and Mexico city, training pastors and leaders through conferences and seminars. We’ve returned several times to invest in these front line workers.

Our very first mission field, we have been in partnership for 30 years with Pastor Patricio Robelly and the nation changing ministry of Ministerios Plenitud in Quito, Ecuador. Beginning with just 8 people in a home, this congregation has led the way in healing crusades across Ecuador, seeing many thousands come to faith in Jesus Christ. It is a privilege to stand with this great church congregation and assist them in impacting their nation for God’s glory.

We have been actively involved in partnership with Dr. K.R. Singh and UCIM Ministries for the past 25 years, supporting their work with orphans and widows, and equipping their evangelists and pastors through conferences on leadership principles, faith, and family.

Partnering with Pastor Sophy Lun and the Mustard Seed School in Siem Reap, who are training the next generation of young people to lead Cambodia’s churches, and take the gospel to every unreached village of this nation that has seen so much suffering. The Gospel is making a powerful difference in the culture and future of Cambodia.

In 2017 we began working with SAEM, the South African Evangelistic Mission, a dynamic group of churches across the ethnic spectrum that are impacting this nation much in need of revival. We return regularly now to help oversee and encourage this wonderful network of pastors and evangelists.

We had our first three trips to Russia in the early 90’s, preaching for evangelistic crusades across that nation in those years of great revival. Our first trip to Armenia was in 2013 with the nation transforming ministry of Crosspointe, led by Rev. Bobby & Wanda Mills. We have returned several times to Armenia since and will continue to keep this dynamic partnership with our friends.

Working with the MEPI organization in the Peruvian Amazon, we have made 9 trips to this region where God is advancing His word to the most remote tribal groups still on the planet, including the Mayoruna tribe, one of the last to be reached in that area. In 2015 we worked together with Pastor David Pepper of Amazon Outreach to reach the Candoshi tribe, who experienced a powerful moving of the Holy Spirit in their part of the Amazon. In 2018 we returned twice for a Pastor’s marriage seminar, and for a leadership conference in Contamana. As Jesus promised, the Gospel truly is finding its way to every nation, tribe, and tongue.

God opened a wonderful door for us in Bulgaria 15 years ago and we’ve gone back many times since. Since 2014 we have been able as well to see God moving among the pastors of Romania as we traveled there with Dale Yerton of Living Faith Ministries. In 2018 we began working as well with Oasis Ministries in Stip, Macedonia. We are continuing to travel regularly to these nations to strengthen local churches and hold conferences for the training and equipping of leaders.

PHILIPPINES, EAST TIMOR, INDONESIA, SRI LANKA, MYANMAR, MALAYSIA, IRIAN JAYA, BURUNDI, TANZANIA, CHINA, GUATEMALA, COLOMBIA – all of these and more have been places where God has allowed us the privilege of preaching to tens of thousands of people, seeing lives transformed, and advancing the great cause of Jesus as Savior and King over the nations.